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MCM 150408 GITC OB Elementary 11The Mission: Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) is dedicated to expanding the role of music in education by training, equipping and inspiring educators to teach through the power of song and the joy of making music. Our programs include professional development for teachers, classroom coaching during the school day, artist residencies and direct instruction for youth in the juvenile court system.

GITC empowers teachers to lead hands-on music integration and student songwriting with ukuleles and guitars through an approach that promotes literacy, language, and academic excellence every day. The inclusion of music brings classrooms to life, increasing student engagement, enthusiasm, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Our work gives all kinds of learners the chance to discover and celebrate their potential.

As participants in the President’s Committee for Arts and Humanities Turnaround Arts Initiative and San Diego’s Title I for the Arts program, we are aligning teaching English Language Arts and Math with Music Education standards. Working closely with school district Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) departments, we welcome credentialed elementary music educators to train with us to become GITC faculty instructors and partners in school-wide musical learning.

In addition to improving student engagement and academic performance, our work helps teachers build positive classroom communities, instilling in students a sense of belonging and agency in their own learning. 

Local and visiting musicians and musical teaching artists also play a vital role in GITC. Meet our newest additions to the GITC Artist Advocacy Team right here!

When students feel, move, sing, strum and write songs together about what they are learning, school becomes a joy.

Teach MusicWorking with traditional folk and roots musical forms, we work closely with their teachers to learn to lead the way by making these experiences an integral part of lessons every day.

Through partnerships with district Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA) departments, Guitars in the Classroom is also working toward making guitar and ukulele a positive part of general music education. We believe that only music integration and music education together can supply students with a strong musical foundation for learning music, learning through music, and developing into musicians for life.

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           What We Do

Based in San Diego and active in 32 states in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada, Guitars in the Classroom offers ongoing programs to classroom teachers, specialists and staff who want to make learning into a dynamic, musical process that fully engages students. We provide loaner guitars, ukuleles and musical supplies free of charge to participating teachers. Our classes are taught on a weekly basis after school, or on professional development in-service days as well as during week-long intensive summer workshops.

Music Matters- Any Questions ~Founded in 1998, Guitars in the Classroom has now trained approximately 10,000 Song Leaders for Learning who are serving well over half a million students each week. Our train-the-trainer model makes it possible for experienced community music leaders to share their skills and knowledge with regular classroom teachers including those with no prior musical experience.

Our open tuning approach (based on Hawaiian “taro patch” tuning) makes for a pain-free beginning to playing and a smooth, gradual transition into standard tuning when teachers are already able to strum, sing and change chords fluently. Open tuning also provides a simple and satisfying way to place instruments in the hands of their students as part of playing and singing their lessons in math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education and more.

Music teachers also train with us to learn a successful method for making guitar and ukulele a natural partWow! of their general music curriculum in accordance with Orff Schulwerk and the Common Core State Standards. Some of them become GITC faculty trainers!

Guitars in the Classroom also teaches eco-sustainability in the schools through power of songs written by artists and teachers who are devoted to living in balance with the planet.

             The GITC Vision

We envision a future in which there is a guitar in every classroom, a set Front-Cover-Final-GSB-275wof ukuleles or guitars that students can play and share daily, and a time when singing and strumming are an integral part of learning math, science, social studies, language arts and more throughout the school day.

Based on what children experience in GITC classrooms, we know this integration of music boosts theirGITC Teachers in Training motivation, confidence, participation, self expression, cooperation, communication skills, and of course understanding and memorization of academic processes and facts.  It all adds up to happiness, creativity and increased success in school…as well as a passion for making music. Please join us in making this a reality for all children.

And to stay informed of the latest tools for music education advocacy, the most PageLines- thumbs_namm-foundation-jpeg.jpgrecent research on music’s impact on learning and keep your finger on the pulse of musical learning in its many forms, please visit our friends at The NAMM Foundation right here.

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Teachers, we have two songwriting efforts for students and teachers going on right now. Please join in the creativity and inspire your students!  

First off, GITC is partnering with the non-profit My Hero Project to create a way to celebrate heroes and heroic ideas and action through original songwriting. Simply write a song, make an informal recording, submit it and… you and your students may win! Learn more by clicking HERE!  

The second effort is what we are calling the The Community Voice Project started by some wonderful GITC advocates on the east coast. They have invited us to ask students what in the world they would change if they had a magic wand! This is a great class discussion starter. Your students’ answers will be shared with a team of accomplished GITC-involved songwriters and musicians to create songs to reflect what children are thinking and feeling about life on planet earth. You can participate with this tiny survey.

And for those of you looking for our Common Core Wheel for Music Integration, here it is!

common core

We’ve Moved!

Our new address is: GITC 2770 Historic Decatur Rd., suite 203, San Diego, CA 92106

Our new office phone is: (619) 578-2326

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