Please Meet Our Sponsors and Friends

Hi, All… We are currently working on this page to make our sponsors’ logos connect to their websites. We hope to have the links in place within the coming week!

Philanthropic Foundations

To see each sponsor’s name and logo, please view them all in a slideshow and click after each individual square appears.  The slideshow moves at your pace.

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Music Manufacturing and Merchandising Businesses

Please note that there are two pages of logos. We are working on improving the formatting of this section so you can see all our music company sponsors on one page. Thanks for your patience.

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Our Non-Profit Partners

GITC is grateful for our friendship with sister non-profits who are doing wonderful work on behalf of children!

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Our Local Business Sponsors

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Meet Our Volunteers!

GITC looks forward to posting photos along with the names of our volunteers very soon. For now, we want to shout out a big thank you to Social Media Coordinator Alan Breech, Website and Social Media Assistant Kate Luther, Marketing Consultant Anna Ress, Videographers Bryan Ingraham and Lynette Hom, Graphic Artists Justin Martino and Rochelle Sanchez, E-newletter Writer Elias Turner, Fundraiser Timmy Riordan, and Concert Assistants Liane and Jim Preston and Linda Adrian.