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Who is Helping Guitars in the Classroom Transform Classrooms and Improve Education?

Foundations, Music Products Sponsors, Individual Contributors, Businesses, and Volunteers do. The different pages in the drop down menu that is associated with this subject will show you, categorically, who is supporting Guitars in the Classroom. The sections on this page tell you about each category of sponsorship and at the bottom of this page, you can read about what each level of sponsorship involves.

If you or your company is considering becoming a sponsor of this work, we hope you’ll keep reading. Thank you so much for being here and considering making a profound difference in the lives of students through training their teachers.

In Kind and Program Sponsors

The great women and men behind the foundations and the sponsoring companies that support GITC know how profoundly good teaching matters in the life of a child and the future of our society. They see to it that teachers have the tools they need to learn to lead music and the free programs to attend.

PageLines- AMIGOSinHawaii.JPGThey do it for the light in a teacher’s eyes when she holds a beautiful guitar she can borrow for the first time. They do it for the gratitude they experience when a child writes to say thanks. They do it because as young people, they loved music and they want to pass this on. If you also wish to integrate music with education, you can make a difference by becoming a sponsor or a contributor.

GITC sponsors place loaner guitars in the teachers’ hands. They produce the straps that hold those guitars up so teachers can move about their classrooms while playing. They send the capos that help teachers play in good keys for children’s voices while using easy chords. They send us the picks, tuners, the string cleaner, the guitar polish, the hand lotion, the gig bags, and all the thousands of guitar strings that make music pour forth in classrooms around the country! They literally make the music possible and we are all in this movement together.

Guitars in the Classroom thanks Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Bookmans Bookstores, D’Addario & Co., Daisy Rock Guitars for Girls, Dunlop Manufacturing, Fender, Global Giving, Godin Guitars, Greg Bennett Guitars, Guitar Center. Guitar Hands, Hohner USA, In Tune Monthly, KMC Music, Kyser Musical Products, Levy’s Learthers, Luna Guitars, Martin Guitar Co., Onboard Research, Oriolo Guitars, Palmer Guitars, Paul Reed Smith, Planet Waves, Rick Turner Guitars, Seymour Duncan, and others for making it possible for teachers and students around the nation to Strum and Sing!

Please check out GITC’s product sponsors by clicking on their logos and watch our feature stories, e-newsletters, and blogs for the latest news about the companies who are making a difference with Guitars in the Classroom. You can register to receive our enewletters on our homepage.

Foundations PageLines- thumbs_namm-foundation-jpeg.jpg

Foundations that fund our work are very special indeed. They are few and far between because what we do is a hybrid and often falls outside traditional parameters of grants. Their boards are capable of seeing the power of music to drive the learning process, to renew artistry in teaching in order to improve teacher effectiveness across the board. They fund our programs in order to promote language and academic learning, to build character and classroom community, and to nurture children’s health and the health of the planet! These foundations seek new and unusual solutions to problems and we are blessed indeed to count them as allies and guides.

I Liked the Guitar

Guitars in the Classroom thanks the NAMM Foundation, The California Arts Council, The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation, The D’Addario Music Foundation, The Fender Music Foundation, the Guitars and Accessories Marketing Association, Guitar Center Charitable Giving, The Harry Chapin Foundation, The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, The Martin Charitable Giving Foundation, The Music for Life Alliance, The Sobrato Family Foundation, and the Wishlist Foundation for their enthusiastic support and guidance of GITC!

To learn more about these foundations, please click on their names or links. We hope you’ll feel inspired by all the wonderful projects they make possible in this world.

Individual Contributors

No words can adequately describe the importance and impact of individual donations. Every dollar makes a difference. In fact, it funds music for two children for a school year. If you are already a funder, thank you for your vote of confidence, your blessing, and the power of your resources to create hope and change in our schools.

Your gifts give children from low income families their only chance to learn to make music, to hold a guitar, to sing with others, to compose lyrics and share them. Your gifts take music to places that have gone without- schools that have lost their music programs, special education classrooms that have been left out of arts instruction, children in shelters and medical settings, to students with disabilities, and to those in unusual educational settings- home day care centers, early intervention programs, head starts, to students in the juvenile justice system, to children on tribal reservations, to youngsters in high risk communities. When you give, you bring the music to those who need it most.

Head Start Chilren in Mississippi make music each day with GITC

Head Start Chilren in Mississippi make music each day with GITC

You are also bringing it to students who have much of what they need and some of what they want, and when you do this, these students can become more creative, engaged, and more involved in meaningful learning.

GITC’s list of contributors is available at our page called Meet the Donors. We update this page quarterly so when you contribute to GITC, either at GlobalGiving.org, or through our Donate Now link with PayPal, or by sending us a check, you can expect to find yourself included here at the website within 12 weeks. We will also be thanking you through social media and in our periodic enewsletter, unless you ask us to keep your gift anonymous.

If you wish  to make a donation in honor or someone, GITC would be delighted to create a special Certificate of Honor for the honoree and send it to them in the mail and as a pdf.

Guitars in the Classroom Levels of Sponsorship

Mission Sustainer
$50,000 and above

These contributors give Guitars in the Classroom their show of confidence in the importance of our mission at a level that allows us to nurture programs, staff, and infrastructure. Without them, we would not be.

Children’s Champion
$10,000 and above

Each gift of $10,000 from a Children’s Champion allows GITC to start new programs in seven locations, training 24 teachers and reaching 2300 students with music in each one for a total reach of 168 teachers and 16,632 students in a single year! These generous contributors change lives and help GITC keep our staff trained, supported, and excited to cultivate creativity every week.

Arts-Integration Angel
$5,000 – $9,999

Arts Integration Angels empower teachers in multiple locations to bring free music making for learning to students in diverse communities- or they may choose to focus on providing musical learning for a particular school district. In a large urban setting, a gift of $5000 can open the door to music leadership throughout 20 schools in a big district. Yet in smaller programs in rural and remote settings, it can change the lives of children living in poverty who would otherwise have little or no access to the arts. Angels choose where they wish to assist, as do all our major contributors.

Local Legend
$2500 – $4,999

Local Legends can help GITC shift the school culture in a small to mid-sized district in a single year. This sized donation is sufficient to inspire teachers most inclined to learn to lead music, and after the first year, local sponsors and school foundations begin to match of completely fund the second year of classes. They become the reason children in their own communities learn to sing and play guitar, hence their title.

District Donor
$1500 – $2,499

District Donors can empower GITC to tackle and complete a special project such as developing new curriculum for all our trainers and teachers, or studying the impact of a model such as AMIGO on student success. Likewise, a District Donor can sponsor a program in one location, changing the lives and careers of 24 teachers and 2300 students through musical training.

Program Patron
$750 -$1,499

Program Patrons provide matching funds for GITC to start or continue a local program. These gifts make the difference between whether an established program can offer a crucial second year of training, and can make the difference between a community wanting a program and actually having one!

Arts in Education Advocate

Arts advocates help GITC manage crucial logistics- acquiring guitars, shipping them to schools, asking sponsors to get involved or replenish supplies for teachers, or their funds can contribute to the covering the cost of a special program. $300 could provide 6 guitars or 12 ukuleles for students to play with their teachers!

Class Parent
$120 -$299

Class Parents give a gift sized just right for adopting a teacher and a GITC classroom for a year, putting music making in the hands of 99 school children each week!

Song Leader
$30 -$119

Song Leaders make it possible for a music teacher to receive free GITC materials and participate in a one day training workshop! Music teachers learn our method very quickly and most can take away what they need to integrate guitars into general music classes in a single day.

To speak with our executive director about becoming a sponsor and to hear about the opportunities each level of sponsorship provides (such as tickets to Guitars in the Classroom related events, name-in-title inclusion for events and online promotions), please email Jessica Baron at jess@guitarsintheclassroom.org. We’re here to help you design a plan for giving that gives you meaningful ways to participate with us on an ongoing basis. Thank you very much!