Coordinate with Headquarters

One of the beauties of working in a grass roots organization is the personal dedication of everyone involved.

With each step you take toward establishing a GITC program in your community, our small staff will be available to support and guide the process. Coordinating with headquarters is essential to your success because our work is unconventional. We have resources to provide you, guidelines to share, and valuable connections to make for you that may very well help speed things along for you. We’re big fans of “over-communication.”

Because this work has been designed to cultivate and support a genuine passion for making music, our organization has some funny and important rules that you might never know unless you are in touch with us as you go. Hence the need to be in touch.

For example, teachers and school staff can be invited and encouraged to participate in our programs, but we do not ever want teachers to be required to take our classes. Many teachers are ecstatic about getting the chance to train with us, but not every teacher wants to make music. Sometimes a school administrator who loves GITC will want to tell every teacher on the faculty that they have to enroll. Not so. When this sort of situation arises, assistance from a director is essential because we want to nip this misunderstanding in the bud.

Scheduling is another issue where you may want our help. Some schools might want you to teach every other week, and this works beautifully as long as you can run a longer than usual class each time ( 75 minutes instead of the normal 1 hour), plus the intervals between the classes must be consistent. Some administrators may ask if you can just teach monthly. The alternating weeks plan is not our norm, but it can be particularly helpful if you have more than a 30-minute drive to the school and want to reduce your hours behind the wheel. Monthly classes are not advisable. Teachers need more consistent and frequent classes to build their musicality and self-confidence, and you need more frequent contact with them to promote and gauge their progress and their activities in their classrooms. By coordinating with headquarters you can set things up in ways we know work well.

Class registration is another area where we will work together to get your classes listed online properly, and where you can get current information on how has enrolled each week leading up to your first class.

Supplies also require much coordination. GITC needs a month (at least) prep time to secure guitars and musical supplies for a new program. During that time, we will be coordinating with you to get the right amount of everything to your host school and to you personally. Timing the arrival of guitars to a day when you can be on hand to receive them in crucial. So we will work with you right down to the last detail.

Whether you are assisted by Jessica Baron in Encinitas, California, Judy Ginsburgh in Alexandria, Louisiana, Amy Martin in Traverse City, Michigan, or Linda MacFarlane in Rutland, Vermont, you will be getting the information you seek from someone with a long history in our organization. Each woman in this list is a Regional Director, and Jess also is the Executive Director.  To get in touch, please send us an email anytime, and if you are writing to any Regional Director (RD), please also cc Jess so you get extra back up. We all enjoy working together and are excited to work with you!

Jessica BaronJessica Baron, Executive Director, West Coast Regional Director




Judy GinsburghJudy Ginsburgh, Southern Regional Director




Amy MartinAmy Martin, Midwestern Regional Director




Linda MacFarlaneLinda MacFarlane, Northern Regional Director