Anyone and Everyone Can Help Start a GITC Program

Hi. My name is Jessica Baron and I sometimes go by “Jess.” Guitars in the Classroom is something I have created with help beyond measure from a whole bunch of amazing people who have chosen to help make school a more special and musical place.  Over the past fourteen years, the work has been growing because people have simply sent me an email asking if and how they could start a program, and now more than ever, we have some good materials that make that easier to accomplish.

There is a lot to learn about how to do this and much of it can be found in the drop down menu bar to the right of this one. But some things require real conversation so that is step two. Step one is what you are doing now. Reading. Thank you.

Absolutely anyone can be that alpha person who gets GITC going somewhere. Teachers. specialists and administrators from every grade level and discipline have helped bring Guitars in the Classroom into their districts. So have interested musicians. family members and community members.  If you think there may be in

terest in your region, GITC is here to help you explore that. There are powerpoints and brochures you can download and share to get the coversation going at our Outreach Materials page.

If you wish to learn more, please keep reading about how to start a program and also drop me a line at

With you for the children, for music and for creativity in education!