How Our Programs Work


Foussat Elemenary School, Oceanside, California

GITC programs are offered at a school, store or community center where people from around the area can gather. Classes include participants from different schools and this makes the program diverse and strong. It becomes a community hub for educational music making!


Each GITC host school has a one-week lead to register for the class so that school’s faculty is well represented. Then we open enrollment for the remaining seats to other teachers and participants.

Registration takes place online here at

Every Monday, our instructors will receive an updated class list and will write to people who recently enrolled to confirm their participation in the class.


GITC classes meet once a week after school at the same time each week. Classes run for six to eight weeks depending on the school and district calendar. We avoid high-stress times of the year when teachers are normally too busy to come to an after school class. We teach during the fall, winter and spring.  Some regions one just one class per school year while others run two or three. Some even offer multiple levels. The bigger and stronger the support for the program in a community, the more we can accomplish together!


GITC classes last one hour unless they are taught bi-monthly. Those classes sometimes last 75-90 minutes instead based on available time and funding. To find out about the specific duration of a program, please check the registration information at the website and write to the instructor of that program for more information if needed. Thanks.

Professional Development Units

Every district is unique in how it chooses to award teachers with professional development or continuing education units. GITC is glad to work with any district to make these units available whenever possible.


Participants in GITC programs are provided with loaner guitars and are able to keep guitar straps, strings, capos, picks and other wonderful musical goodies courtesy of our sponsors. To see who makes this possible, please visit Sponsors and Friends.