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Muriel Anderson

Muriel Anderson

Widely respected as one of the foremost fingerstyle guitarists in the world, Muriel Anderson’s unique approach to the instrument virtually transforms the guitar into a lyrical choir, then a marching band, then a Japanese koto, then a Bluegrass band, amazing audiences with her technique and endearing them with her sense of humor. One minute launching into a Beatles tune and the next, Chopin’s Minute Waltz, her facility across the genres of folk, classical, jazz, bluegrass and international music is revered by guitarists worldwide.

Muriel Anderson is the first woman to have won the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship. She is host of the renowned “Muriel Anderson’s ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT®” and founder of the Music for Life Alliance charity. Her music spans the globe in styles, unified by an honest humanity and superb artistry. Touring in the USA and internationally year round, her music brings smiles and promotes understanding worldwide, with performances including the Olympia in Paris, Music Fair in Yokohama Japan, and the American Embassy in Malaysia.


Muriel Anderson was raised in a musical family in Downers Grove, Illinois. Her mother taught piano and her grandfather had played saxophone in John Philip Sousa’s band. Her mother often played a piano ragtime standard called “Nola,” so Muriel learned it on her guitar. Years later, she took that song to the National Guitar Picking Championships and became the first nylon-string guitarist and first female guitarist to win. She is still the only woman to hold the title. Muriel fell in love with the guitar at an early age and learned every style available to her, culminating in classical guitar study with Leon Borkowski at DePaul University. She went on to study with classical virtuoso Christopher Parkening and with Nashville legend Chet Atkins. She has composed music since about age 6, and has written music for guitar and strings as well as songs, solo compositions, and even choral and orchestral works.

As one of the country’s foremost fingerstyle guitarists, her facility across the genres of folk, classical, jazz, bluegrass and international music is revered by guitarists worldwide. She is often hailed as ambassador for her country on her international tours, as she always reaches out in each country she visits, sharing her love of the music and of people, and taking interest in their language and customs.

Style of Music

From Japanese Koto music and Irish reels to Bach minuets, Sousa marches, and The Beatles, Muriel Anderson hurdles stylistic barriers in a single bound- showing the passion for music, oneness with her instrument, and gentle sense of humor which have endeared her to audiences worldwide. Combining imaginative playing and impeccable classical technique, she developed a style all her own that has earned her a legion of fans across the country and around the globe. Muriel loves all styles of music, and you can feel it when she plays.

Recordings and Publications

Muriel’s CD, “Wildcat” celebrates her depth as a guitarist, composer, and vocalist, and her “Harp Guitar Christmas” has already received widespread acclaim. Muriel Anderson has also released instrumental CD’s, videos/DVD’s, and guitar books published by Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, and Zen-On Japan. Her compositions include commissioned classical works for the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and Vox Caelestis Womens Choir, as well as songs which have appeared as title tracks for three albums by various artists. Muriel’s “Heartstrings” recording traveled as far as outer space, accompanying the astronauts on a space shuttle mission.

All Star Guitar Nights and The Music for Life Alliance

Muriel Anderson is host and founder of the renowned “Muriel Anderson’s ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT®” live concerts and DVDs that bring together great guitarists from around the world.

These concerts benefit the Music for Life Alliance, a national charity founded by Muriel Anderson to unify and support organizations providing musical instruments and lessons to young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the joy of making music.

The Music For Life Alliance

Muriel’s Website


Muriel Anderson Signature GHS strings have just been released, at music stores across the
country and abroad. Muriel is a member of the advisory board for Mel Bay Publications, and is
on the Alumni Hall of Fame at Downers Grove North. She plays many handmade instruments
and endorses Morris Guitars in Japan, as well as D-Tar pickups.


  • Harp Guitar Christmas, (Jan. 2007)
  • Wildcat, CGD2005 (CGD Music, Jan. 2006)
  • Uncut Gems with Phil Keaggy, CGD8PKMA (CGD Music, 2003)
  • New Classics for Guitar and Cello, VLT15173 (Valley Ent. Music, 2003)
  • Journey Through Time, CGD2002 (CGD Music, 2002)
  • Music for Life, (limited release) CGD2000 (CGD Music, 2000)
  • Theme for Two Friends, CGD99 (CGD Music, 1999)
  • Heartstrings, Japan (Nippon Crown, 1998)
  • Guitar Muse, Japan (Nippon Crown, 1998)
  • Christmas in Nashville, Japan (Nippon Crown, 1998)
  • A Little Christmas Gift, CGDXMAS (CGD Music, 1995)
  • Le Duet, RR9502 (Rarefied Records, 1995)
  • Hometown Live, CGD300 (CGD Music, 1993)
  • Arioso from Paris, CGD200 (CGD Music, 1991)
  • Heartstrings, CGD168 (CGD Music, 1989)

Compilation CD’s

  • La Guitara (Vanguard, 2005)
  • Guitar Fingerstyle II (Narada, 2001)
  • Guitar Fingerstyle (Narada, 1997)


  • A Guitarscape Planet, Concert Hot Spot (2006)
    Muriel Anderson Live in Europe, (CGD, 2006)
    One Camera One Concert, DVD Snapshot Music (2004)
    Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night 10th Anniversary (Mel Bay, 2004)
    Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night 2000 (Mel Bay, 2001)
    Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night (Homespun/Hal Leonard, 1996)