What You’ll Receive

When you enroll in a GITC Teacher Training class, you will be given the opportunity to borrow a beautiful guitar! These instruments come to us from participating sponsor companies so you can get going on guitar without worrying about making in initial investment in one. Our guitar company sponsors include Godin, Martin, Hohner, Daisy Rock, Greg Bennett Guitars, Palmer Guitars, and others. Please check out our sponsors page to learn more!

In addition to access to a guitar, you will receive strings, a guitar strap, picks, a capo, and other goodies. Capos come to us from Dunlop Manufacturing and also Kyser Capos! Levy’s Leathers makes our straps. D’Addario gives GITC guitar strings, and we get wonderful polish from Kyser, too. We get electronic tuners from both Planet Waves and Onboard Research (their IntelliTouch tuners), and we may get to add ukuleles to our available supplies very soon! Most recently we were given tubes of Guitar Hands cleansing lotion to share with teachers. The people who make guitar supplies are really excited that teachers are learning to play and want to give as much help as possible!

The whole idea is to make playing music as accessible for people working with children in schools as is humanly possible. Thank you to our friends of many years and our new friends too for understanding and joining the Music Integration movement!