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How to Choose the Right Guitar with free online tools for learning scales, chords, fretboard, and some free chords and scales ebooks.


Song Forms for Music Integration Chart

Every song gives a teacher a special way to convey and impart information to her or his students. By understanding the forms of different kinds of songs at a meta level, we can see which songs to use for which kinds of learning. For instance, a Blues song features repetition and a cause/effect relationship in every verse. This form lets teachers replace drill and kill exercises for rote memorization with singing the Blues! Another example is an anthem. An anthem expresses a clear, strong, unifying thematic message that uplifts singers and listeners and presents a summary. Teachers can help students write an anthem to conclude a unit of study and frame the most important lessons learned in a positive way. There are many great song forms to apply to lessons. This form gets us started considering how to use common songs for teaching students anything.

Song Forms for Music Integration
Song Forms for Music Integration
Version: 2012
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Music Advocacy Tools

If you want to make a case for providing music in your school, it helps to have some tools- statistics, articles, testimonials, and studies. When music education programs fall because decision makers make budget cuts to the arts, everyone loses. Be an effective force for good in your school and community by preparing a strong argument for funding music education even in tough times.

Article with an External Link:  The Benefits Of Music Education

Article with an External Link: How Does Music Stimulate Left and Right Brain Function


Tune your Guitar Video

Need a little help tuning your guitar to Open G to play songs in our beginning approach? This video is very helpful. There are others out there, also online guitar tuners, but this one helps you HEAR the strings that have the same notes in different octaves as you tune.


Changing Guitar Strings

No one knows guitar strings like D’Addario. If you need to change a guitar string- whether it is old or broken- this video will walk you through the process successfully.


Piggyback a.k.a. Zipper Songs

This download will help a newcomer to zipper, copy change, or piggyback songwriting get familiar with the process.

Version: 2012
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Songs for Teaching

Shopping for new song resources? This website offers wonderful music integration resources for teachers at every grade level.

External Link: Songs for Teaching. Using Music to Promote Learning


After School Guitar Guide

If you are preparing to lead an after school guitar club or class, the fun game-based guitar activities in this booklet will engage every participant in playing guitar and making music intuitively. Not your typical guitar lessons! If you are a classroom teacher who wants to lead some hands-on strumming and singing in your classroom as part of learning other lessons, these activities can also come in very handy.

After School Guitar Club Guide
After School Guitar Club Guide
Guitars in the Classroom's After School Guitar Club Guide.pdf
Version: 2012
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Practice Tracks for Teachers

Sometimes strumming and singing along with a recording can help us get better at playing. These tracks are simple, straightforward versions of some of the songs in our free educational materials. Feel free to download them and play along anytime!

Please check back. We will have our practice tracks available here in a few days!


Teacher Awards and Competitions

If you are a teacher looking for a grant or some recognition for creative work well done, here are some resources for you.

External Link: Teachers Count! Teacher Awards and Competitions


Homespun Music Instruction

Want to purchase a DVD of GITC’s founder Jessica teaching guitar with the approach we use in our Beginner classes? Homespun has this available along with a marvelous selection of musical instruction videos on all kinds of stringed and other instruments by a host of talented, passionate teachers. Browse and enjoy, here.

External Link: Homespun Music Instruction