Learn At Home with GITC and JamPlay

GITC Classes are wonderful because they give busy teachers and helpers a chance to put the world aside for an hour and join with like-minded people to enjoy making music. This group music experience is so uplifting, and weekly classes keep people playing between lessons, then sharing their gains as well as their challenges with one another. The group classes also provide teachers with opportunities to co-write songs for learning, to plan song-based lessons together, and to get more deeply in touch with their community of colleagues. It’s great!

But what is a person to do if there is no class in her area? And what if she wants someone to practice with during the week?

The answer is virtual and accessible. It’s also real live instruction at the same time! If you live somewhere without GITC and you want to get started playing guitar and singing right away before a new class begins, a solution is now available!

GITC’s founder and executive director, Jessica Baron, has recorded guitar and singing lessons to teach you to play guitar and sing the GITC way and these lessons are available online at jamplay.com both in pre-recorded videos and with weekly live lessons online.

By next fall, there will be dozens more lessons from Jess available in addition to the 31 already at the website. Those lessons will include yoga for guitar, singing and playing in the right keys for your voice, simple songwriting, ergonomic chord changing, fingerpicking lessons, and so much more! By joining jamplay, you will have access to all of this and lots more. There are over 50 guitar teachers at the site and membership let’s you take lessons from any of them, anytime.

You can coordinate your jamplay experience with GITC classroom materials, too!

If you take lessons as a GITC participant, you will get all the GITC songbooks and materials through the email by registering as an Online Teacher in Training with us. Then you can apply what you learn remotely to the same educational materials we are using in our classes.

Not only can you begin to teach yourself to play through Jess’s easy to follow, pre-recorded videos, but Jess teaches live each week on JamPlay.com every Saturday morning from 9-11 am Pacific. You can join a fantastic group of students from all over the world, have a great group musical experience virtually, and Jess can coach you in real time. If your computer has a webcam, you can utilize that to show Jess what you are working on with the guitar, and get helpful feedback.

The normal JamPlay membership fee costs $20 each month, and that fee allows you to take as many guitar lessons as you wish from any and all instructors you choose. The site also provides live streaming lessons 8 hours a day, every day, plus wonderful community chats. You can stop lessons at the beginning of any month, no strings attached, but most people get so much value from being a member of the jamplay community that they stay on for several months at least. Some members in Jessica’s weekly lessons have been members for many years.

As a sponsor of GITC, JamPlay is offering GITC teachers and music leadership participants a very special price for signing up for a year. This is one way they are hoping you will become a part of giving more children important musical learning early in their lives. So if you’d like to sign up for a year at a considerable savings, please write jess@guitarsintheclassroom.org and she will provide you with the necessary information.

In the meantime, please feel free to check the online lessons out at no charge. To enjoy a free week at JamPlay, simply visit the site using this address: www.jamplay.com/gitc and enter the code GITCFREE. To see Jess’s lessons, search under her name and you will be all set. GITC sends big thanks to the team at JamPlay for their support!