Guitars in the Classroom and

GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising web site that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. Guitars in the Classroom became a part of Global Giving in April of 2011, and in the past year, donations that have come to our work through the site have brought learning through music into the lives of 20,000 students! provides a very safe way for people who want to do good in the world to fund solutions to the world’s challenges, small and large, through  innovative, grassroots projects. All the non-profit organizations that are included at the Global Giving site are working to educate children, feed the hungry, build houses, train women and men with job skills, end disease, human trafficking, and hundreds of other amazing things. - Give LoveAt GlobalGiving,org, Guitars in the Classroom creates and facilitates focused, effective projects that funders who share our vision can get behind. These allow you to decide how your tax-deductible dollars are spent and give us a way to stay in touch with you through project updates and thank you letters. It’s a wonderful site.

The projects also allow you to download special tribute cards with thanks from us that you can give as gifts whenever you donate in someone’s honor, or for a holiday. This is especially nice when you want to show someone the good in the world they have inspired in you. For some people, this is lots more meaningful than many other things they might receive.

In addition to giving us a place to create special campaigns and collect donations safely and securely, GlobalGiving,org also runs bonus and matching campaigns periodically. On certain days during each year, gifts you give will be matched by 40% by funds that the folks at Global Giving secure through their corporate partners. These matching and bonus days make you charity dollars go lots farther to improve education. also helps GITC reach out to people who care about the quality of children’s lives but might not know about our work. This happens when the companies that support charity through GG give their own employees charity credit cards to spend each month. Those employees are encouraged to select the charities that appeal to them the most to donate their gifts on behalf of their corporate employers. This empowers people to be the very specific change they want to see in the world in such a real way. When employees believe that making sure music should a part of children’s lives and learning, they can seek us out and give. In the past year, their gifts helped us provide music training in  urban centers, preschools, and in the Gulf Coast states still recovering from hurricanes and the BP oil spill, where schools are beyond stressed and help is especially needed.

So please visit our campaigns at Global Giving and become a part of making a lasting difference in the lives of children. Empower GITC to train and equip their teachers to lead the way to learning through song-based lessons and musical activities. And while you are visiting the site, we hope you will look around and draw inspiration from the thousands amazing projects that are taking place in every corner of the planet. Global Giving makes sure help and healing are happening on the planet every moment of each day and night.

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