Get Trained to Teach the Class

Work with GITC Executive Director/Founder Jessica Baron to develop the skills to train teachers GITC style to lead songs for success in their classrooms

Training to teach with GITC is very individualized and personal. It involves being assessed for whether the program is a fit for you and you are a fit for the approach. Once that is established, you’ll work with Jess to ascertain what skills you’ll need beyond those you already possess. The general approach to teaching music is very specific, developmental, and can only be acquired through direct training. If a summer intensive is within your reach, you can acquire the training you’ll need by participating in one.  The basic steps of the GITC open tuning guitar method are recorded and readily available to see at with the free code for a week GITCFREE. To learn more, please write to

Steps to Starting a New GITC Class

Find a Host Site

The best place to start finding a host site for your GITC class is in a public elementary school in a central location because most of the teachers you train will teach K-5.

(We do offer programs to private schools if they have a means to fund the work.)

To make in-roads into a school for pitching GITC, here are some tips:

  • If you know a teacher or parent who wants to bring GITC to his or her school, ask for an introduction to the assistant principal or principal.
  • Contact the assistant principal or principal through the school office about your nonprofit program and goals for the class. Schedule an appointment to visit and discuss GITC.
  • Since teachers from this school or others in the district will be part of your class, then the site should be provided free of charge. We do NOT rent teaching space.
  • Bring a brochure that is provided by GITC to show the school administrator. Be ready to share one of our power points at the website online if you get the chance. These make telling our story very fun and easy.
Get Faculty Excited

Once  you get permission to hold a regional program at a school, you may be asked to give a pitch to the school faculty. We have an outline for this. Just call Jess at the office to discuss the process and you will get materials and support to make a short pitch for teacher enrollment.

The teachers at that host school get a full week to register before we open the class to other teachers in the area. You’ll get their names and emails at the faculty meeting, and then you can email them as a group with the registration link. A week later, we can open enrollment for other teachers, too.

Fill Out the Paperwork

In the meantime, you will need to go fill out a district facilities use form, send a copy to GITC via email if possible and this documentation makes it possible for GITC to provide insurance coverage. The form is simple to fill out.

You can obtain a Certificate of Insurance for your program through our Encinitas office. We need just 2 business days to turn it around for you.

While teachers are registering, you can be prepping your first lesson, choosing songs you want to teach, and receiving supplies and guitars.

The whole process from scouting for a school to starting class usually takes 2-3 months to patiently put in place. Then things go very smoothly!

Stay in Touch with Headquarters

There is lots of behind the scenes preparation that goes on to help launch your program, so all through your process, please stay in close contact with the main office, and if a Regional Director is also assisting, please keep them apprised of your experiences. Everyone is here to assist.

Certificate of Insurance Example
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