Teacher Downloads

Welcome to the place you can get what you need to lead Songs for Learning in your classroom.

First off, we have recordings of many of the songs in the Educators Songbook and the AMIGO Songbook. These will help you hear how a song goes while  providing music you can practice with. It’s fun and helpful to play along. Each song is recorded in a short version for quick reference of the melody, rhythm and chord changes. Feel free to download these practice tracks and work with them to bring music into your classroom. Just click on the plus sign next to the folder you want to open and the songs will appear.

Second, you will find the GITC Song Collections. Everything we work with is a work in progress. If you catch errors, please let us know so we can fix them. You are welcome to download and use these materials for free as a part of our service to you. Donations to help us update and improve our curriculum are very helpful. If you wish to contribute online, please give directly to our work by clicking right here.

Thanks so very much for being a creative, courageous, musical light in the lives of your students. The more you share your learning process with the students and request their support, the faster you will learn, and they will learn along with you. Growing your artistry in your own classroom gives your students a chance to understand that learning is a journey, a process, and that we are all in it together. Thank you for joining with GITC to create real musical access with acoustic instruments while we preserve the beautiful legacy of our folk songs for this new generation. We wish you a great musical adventure and much happiness.

 Listen to the GITC Songs and Play Along!
Download Our Free Song Collections to Share in Your Classroom!

Below, please find our song collections as both Word documents and pdfs. The Word versions let you copy and paste individual songs into new documents for ease of writing new Lyrics forLearning.  The Adobe pdfs keep all the margins and chords in the right places since these things can shift in Word. Our songs are either old and in the public domain, or they are being used by permission of the songwriters and copyright holders.

When you create a new version of any GITC song, please label it with your name and a copyright symbol- a small c in a circle- and the date. This helps protect your ownership of your new version of the song. Then please share it with GITC! You can email jess@guitarsintheclasroom.org for inclusion of your song in classroom materials if you wish other teachers to sing it too. We hope to make a new booklet of teacher written songs every year.