GITC Instructors

Would YOU like to become a GITC Music Integration Instructor?

What GITC Instructors Do:

GITC Instructors teach general Tk-6 classroom teachers, specialists and other educationally involved adults – most of whom consider themselves to be non-musicians and shower singers- to acquire real LIFELONG musicality. This process requires patience, compassion, creativity, and TIME.  We exist to help more people become music makers and song leaders in their educational roles. Our program works in collaboration with general music education programs, supporting them to get stronger and grow bigger in the presence of a more musically-engaged school culture. Our saying is No Music Integration without Music Education!

GITC Instructors help future classroom Songleaders for Learning become the musical people they want to be. They are all about the individuals in their classes. They view the teaching relationship as a mutually educational experience, learning much from the people in their classes and from the experience of helping adults without musical experience develop self confidence and leadership skills. This is a compassionate, forgiving and healing program that helps teachers who may have missed out on music earlier in life get a much-appreciated “do over.”

GITC Instructors are not “performers” even if they do have a background as performers. Professional musicians may apply, but what we seek first and foremost are instructors who know the classroom inside out. Most of the people on our faculty have taught school before and understand the role of the teacher in the lives of students. They know the educator’s workload and concerns. They can address classroom management and guide successful implementation of musical activities in the elementary classroom. They are in a GITC classroom to serve others and get others to make music rather than showing how it’s done. The work requires empathy and creativity in service of the teachers who are learning. Artists who are really wonderful instructors and who are willing to take the time to learn to “think like a classroom teacher” can become GITC trainers if they have the requisite skills and commitment.

GITC Instructors LISTEN to the teachers they are training very closely, supporting them to explore their challenges, thoughts and feelings about becoming music makers and musical leaders. We love working with credentialed music educators who know the value of “teaching to the middle” and including learners who find making music challenging. We are not here to create the next great guitarists but to empower folks to feel at home using music as a teaching and learning stategy for other subject areas.

GITC Instructors elicit ideas for songs and lessons based on what the participants in their class need and request. They build the curriculum to fit the people in the room. We are a responsive program!

GITC Instructors impart musical understanding based on Music content standards.

GITC Instructors teach ukulele and acoustic guitar beginning in open tunings. This developmental approach allows beginngers to approach the instruments very simply, without pain, at a peaceful pace that imparts confidence and mastery. We work in Open C tuning on ukuleles at first and in G tuning for the first two levels of the guitar training classes.

GITC Instructors teach lyric writing to familiar melodies in order to deepen academic learning through songs. In this role, they model for classroom teachers how to facilitate collaborative student songwriting in groups of all sizes. Having a background in lyric writing is essential for this job because we use music integration to teach English Language Arts (ELA) skills, to boost literacy and all other learning. Songwriting that deepens student connection to lesson content is at the heart of this work.

GITC Instructors understand lesson planning and the use of subject related content standards. They make musical learning relevant and effective for classroom teachers who must integrate songs to teach language arts, math, science, social studies, and more.

GITC Instructors are easy going, adaptable, non-perfectionist people who want to work with the same folks for a long time. Our approach is the opposite of a week-end crash course or one shot wonder. We look for trainers who have the desire to form long term, nurturing relationships with their students and who enjoy playing a meaningful role in the gradual growth of other people.

What GITC Instructors don’t do

GITC Teacher Trainers do not teach traditional guitar lessons meant to create the next Eddie Van Halen or Slash.  Why not? Because classroom teachers don’t need that. They do need and want to learn just about everything else- at a relaxed pace- and when they get what they need to learn, they SHINE.

Would YOU Make a Great GITC Instructors ? You will if you:
  • Are a comfortable, in-tune singer.
  • Enjoy making music with other people and empowering them to sing!
  • Have experience helping others learn to sing and leading songs.
  • Are an “other” centered, service minded person.
  • Are an empathic, warm, and accepting person by nature.
  • Have a kind sense of humor.
  • Enjoy teaching very basic acoustic guitar to absolute beginners.
  • Are open to working with the guitar in Open G “Taro Patch” tuning at first.
  • Are skilled and have a positive, supportive attitude leading large group music.
  • Understand the experience of the Pre-K-8th grade classroom teacher.
  • Have firsthand experience teaching children in groups.
  • Are able to structure and adjust your teaching to meet the emerging needs of the teachers in your classes.
  • Have knowledge and practical experience organizing and doing outreach for programs in the community.
  • Are able to manage class lists and inventory lists in Excel
  • Are an effective long distance correspondent via email with your regional program director and the national office as you will be part of a large national team. You will receive support and supervision this way.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working independently at the local level while having the connection to a strong organization

If this sounds like you, then you’ve probably got the basics to get started!

Training takes place through personal correspondence and ongoing dialogue with the founder and GITC’s Executive Director, Jessica Baron and with a regional director who advises and supports teachers in your state. You will be provided with GITC books, CD’s and videos at no charge. You can train in the guitar method at and GITC will provide you with a code for this.

Your training experience will be very much “in the trenches” where you will learn to integrate the GITC approach and philosophy along with our program materials with your own teaching strengths and musical preferences.

Want to apply?

Thank you very much for considering becoming part of this program. If you’d like to be interviewed, please write to Jessica Baron at We look forward to hearing from you!