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You can display your ukuleles in the classroom and save space at the same time!

uke holderCheck out the creative ways that GITC classroom teachers are hanging up their classroom ukulele sets!

If you don’t have a set and want to get one for your students to play, we encourage all GITC teachers to post a project asking for ukuleles at!

There are so many inexpensive materials you can use for hanging ukes, many of which you may already have onpipe cleaners hand. The key is to have some sort of hook that can support the weight of your instruments and a sturdy loop that goes around the tuning pegs. 

If your ukuleles are plastic and super light, you may be able to use regular T-pins aT Pinss your hooks. Otherwise, we have seen teachers using picture hangers or removable Command hooks for more stability (see above).

For the loops, we recommend using shoelaces, sturdy twine, or even pipe cleaners.

uke wall 3Step One: Find the best possible wall space you have available. It doesn’t have to be large, or even designated for music. Wherever you can fit a few Command hookinstruments, go for it!  If you can, why not dedicate a whole bulletin board to music to show students how important music is? The important thing is to keep the instruments within easy reach so they get played often.

Step Two: Choose your hook. This should depend on the kind of wall or hanging surface you have chosen.  No need to get fancy, either.

Step 4: Hang your ukuleles, strings side out with enough space between them that students won’t accidentally bump a neighboring uke when taking one down or replacing it after playing. Here are some classroom photos from GITC teachers to inspire you.

Step 5: Please share your success with Guitars in the Classroom and in social media! Email your ukulele display image to jess@guitarsintheclassroom or share it with us at so you can inspire someone else!

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