We are planning our second summer retreat in Julian, CA at the Camp Cedar Glen!

Join us this summer and retreat to deepen your musical knowledge, expand your skills and double your confidence as a song leader! This three-day GITC experience will help you accomplish your musical goals while you renew your spirit among friends in a beautiful place and all for a tiny price! Your costs for food and lodging are below.

Located only two miles away from Julian Town Hall. Camp Cedar Glen offers a relaxed and social atmosphere where families and visitors all find welcome and a variety of affordable accommodations and amenities.

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Retreat Dates: August 3 – 6, 2017
Arrival August 3rd – Thursday – dinner (arrival at 4 PM)
August 4th  – breakfast, lunch and dinner
August 5th – breakfast, lunch and dinner
Departure August 6th – Sunday – breakfast  (departure at 2 PM)

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Workshop Topics
The three days will include workshop style classes in guitar, ukulele, voice, songwriting, lesson planning for music/ELA and music/English Learners, and music leadership skills. GITC faculty members and artists will lead the workshops.

The cost for the week-end is set and listed below. No matter what, you will eat well and sleep in comfort without paying hotel prices.  See accommodations below.

We are suggesting each teacher make a tax-deductible gift to GITC of $75 for all musical and educational services provided for you from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. Pitching in whatever you can will make this workable. Everyone’s attendance is welcome regardless of what they can contribute.

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We know this is unbelievable—the numbers look too good to be true, but they are accurate. All numbers you see here are totals. They include your lodging for 3 days and 8 meals!

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We will be staying in Griffin Village, which includes the Asbury House and Vista Glen, and Curly Wells. The rooms have bunked beds and range from a couple to 10 bunks per room.

3 Nights & 8 Meals – $181 per person

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included in the total cost for the week-end. They will accommodate meals for us according to our needs including adapting for vegan and vegetarian preferences, and food allergies.

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31 People Make a Green Light
We are currently planning the workshop schedule based on the number of teachers who respond as well as your musical goals and desires.

Once we make our minimum registration, we can create a calendar of specific workshops to fit the requests of those of you who have signed up. 31 is the magic number.

Can you please take a minute right now to fill out a survey letting us know whether you are considering attending the retreat? This would be a BIG help!

Ready to make a reservation?
All reservations must be made through Miguel Covarrubias, executive assistant to Jessica Baron. You can email him at Miguel@guitarsintheclassroom.org.

For directions to the resort, we suggest you do not use your GPS but instead visit their page by clicking here and follow their suggested routes.

If you have any questions, please email Miguel Covarrubias at Miguel@guitarsintheclassroom.com with the subject line “Julian Retreat Question.”

Also, please take the time to read the cancellation policy on our blog by clicking here.

My hope is that enough of you will want to visit Julian in such a gorgeous season and that you’ll feel excited to be part of the annual GITC summer retreat. It’s a fantastic step for us to take together and we will rest, renew, connect and celebrate in nature!

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