From Dr. Joan Maute, GITC- Colorado, formerly GITC-South Carolinia

My teachers in training at Van Buren Elementary in Loveland, Colorado were asking about strap options for their ukuleles. So here’s what I’ve created. You can make a colorful, washable, inexpensive strap for your ukulele for under $5 and students can, too. The process is enjoyable and kids will learn to braid!

Have fun and now that you’ll have a strap, you can strum, sing and dance!

Materials per Ukulele:

1 3M Damage-Free hanger, mini hook mini hooks

line up your laces3 flat shoe laces, 46” or 54″ inches long, go for the colors you love!

apply the mini hook adhesive1. Apply the mini hook (upside down) to the bottom of the ukulele following instructions.

Add the mini hook

2: Make sure open part of hook is facing “down to the floor” as you hold the ukulele

3: Press the mini hook down firmly. Let it “bond” to the ukulele for at least an hour before attaching and using the strap. Waiting overnight is even safer.

Strap: 1.
Tie three shoelace (at least 46” long, the longer the better) tips in a square knot and braid the three laces together.
knot the laces at the bottom and braid

Complete the braid 2: Be sure the laces lay flat for a smooth surface. Complete the braid.

3: As you are coming to the end, leave about 2′ of lace free at the bottom.
3 lace ends
4: Tie in 3 knots, leaving 3 open ends (for attaching above the nut of the uke)

Making sure the mini hook has had an hour to bond to the bottom of the ukulele, first tie the three string end to the head of the ukulele.

thread the strap under the nut

2: Accomplish this by threading one lace beneath all four strings, just above the nut. That is the raised, slotted bar at the top of the uke fingerboard. It’s located at the base of the head of the uke.

hook the square knot around the mini hook 3: Tie the laces together at the bottom of the uke neck in a secure knot. Pull the knot taught.

4: Take the square knot (starter) end of the strap and hook the strap around the mini hook, so that the square knot is below the mini hook.

5: Look closely to be sure it’s on there securely.

Voila! All done!

6: Celebrate! You’re done!

TIP for Buying in Quantity:

For every 6 ukes, you can get a 6-pack of the mini hooks for about $5. They sell these at Aaron Brothers stores, pharmacies and hardware stores.

For every 8 ukes, you can buy 12 assorted pairs of long, flat shoe laces on Amazon for about $6.

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