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Would you like to support Guitars in the Classroom’s efforts to give every child the chance to learn through music each day? You can do this in so many easy ways.

Music is an essential ingredient for a healthy, joyful childhood and when we make it a part of learning, kids experience so many benefits- cognitive, social, emotional and practical. Music truly matters. We appreciate your support.

Please consider making a contribution to our non-profit efforts now or in the future.

  • A gift of $25 provides a classroom with a ukulele that will be shared daily by 20 children.
  • $50 purchases a new nylon string guitar that students can share.
  • $100 provides a full year of music training for a teacher in a group class. This teacher will reach on average 84 students each week with music.
  • $125 takes care of our phone and internet bill for a month. (Yes, infrastructure costs add up and we need help.)
  • $300 pays for an intensive week-end workshop that jumpstarts a group of teachers to play ukulele and implement a students ukulele strumming station for literacy in their classrooms!
  • A gift of $1100 trains 24 teachers for six weeks; it provides a whole course!
  • Here are some choices available for making a tax-deductible contribution to our 501 (c)3 charity:


Contribute by pressing the  CONTRIBUTE  button on our homepage and this takes you to the GITC PayPal portal. We see the donation just after you make it and you get a tidy receipt right then and there. The charge from PayPal is small and we can track your gift. We will send you a letter in the mail thanking you for your support.


You might also like to donate to a specific GITC project on GlobalGiving.org, a very safe online giving platform that helps us keep donors informed about the progress of each project. 

Special Education Project: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/special-learners-deserve-music-too/

General Education Project: https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/elementary-school-music-angel/

GITC in action in Santee, CA

(Global Giving charges 15% above the donation amount for their services but they work hard for that money and deliver impeccable assistance, special opportunities and corporate support. Your giving is safe there. You can decline to pay an additional amount at the time of donation and have it come out of your total gift. We are grateful to you, no matter what.)


This is the easiest way you can give to our organization every time you shop on amazon.com and it doesn’t cost you aAmazon-Smile-Logo penny. Simply change the way you login to amazon. Enter their main website through the Amazon Smile Foundation portal and choose Guitars in the Classroom as your charity of choice. Amazon will automatically contribute .5% of your purchase to our work without charging you anything! We receive the donations regularly. Thanks for considering doing this, saving it in your browser and sharing the information with your friends. Every dollar makes a real difference for kids.  http://smile.amazon.com


Some of us still like writing checks. They are easy for you to track, they are safe and they are also easy for us to process in the office. So if you prefer to send a check to our office in San Diego, your snail mail gift is very much appreciated. Our office is located at GITC, 2770 Historic Decatur Rd., Suite 203, San Diego, 92106. We will gladly send you a letter of thanks in response to any regular mail donation.


We recently joined the new pilot program for fundraising on facebook. It works! You can visit our page (we hope you LIKE it, too) and click on DONATE. Poof! You enter a PayPal portal and give what you feel is best. You’ll find our page here at www.facebook.com/guitarsintheclassroom. And when you give there, you can let your friends know so they can become part of the solution to creating musical opportunities for all students!

DONATE INSTRUMENTS Do you have an unused instrument in a closet, attic or under the bed? GITC builds confidenceIs your long-abandoned guitar or ukulele gathering dust in a corner? You can send it along to Guitars in the Classroom and we’ll put it right to work in the schools. We also have a giving plan for guitar collectors who wish to consider making an eventual bequest of their guitars. This is called the Guitar Legacy Program. If this sounds interesting, please write to Al Deininger with your thoughts at bigalguitar@gmail.com.

VOLUNTEER Want to contribute your time, expertise or elbow grease? We’d love your help! Please write to jess@guitarsintheclassroom.org to get started. We can find the right volunteer opportunity for anyone who wants to be a part of the music solution.

When you give, many people’s lives will change. Students will become happily engaged in learning. Their teachers will gain powerful and gratifying lifelong skills and tools to span their careers. Families will share music making at home when students share what they are learning. Younger siblings will follow their big brothers and sisters examples. Music does the magic. We just have to get it there. It engages, enriches and empowers all of us to feel, imagine, wonder, think, express, learn, share and create!

Thank you for joining our endeavor to place instruments in every classroom and provide music each day for every child! If you would like to ask questions or share ideas and recommendations, please write to jess@guitarsintheclassroom.org or call 619-840-1010. We very much appreciate your participation!


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