CODY AT NHCody Lovaas spreads joy, confidence and calm everywhere he goes. His music puts our students into the zone of sunshine, blue waves and Guitars in the ClassroomGuitars in the Classroomenough time to enjoy life and trust the process. At 16, his career is zooming forward (he has already toured once with his mentor, Jason Mraz), and he remains firmly anchored in the creative possibilities of each moment and the secure foundation of his family. (If there was such a thing as an Outstanding Parents award, his folks would be Allstar winners.)

Guitars in the ClassroomCody’s shows are intensely participatory. He teaches everyone the singable choruses and Guitars in the Classroomrefrains and invites students to come up and ask questions during the show. It’s all hands up every time.

When Cody gives a GITC school concert, high energy percussionist Angela, A.C. Cutrone is by his side inspiring children to clap along and carry the rhythm with her. The simplicity of her portable set up and her warm heart for children draw them in. Here is one such testimonial that turned up from a kindergartener at Luther Burbank Elementary in San Diego this week.

The two of them together give the students in our schools a clear message: Be yourself, stop and smell the roses, ride the waves, connect fully with the people in your life and believe in yourself.  Dare to dream and to devote yourself to achieving that dream. It can happen. Cody and A.C. are living proof.Thanks from K-3



Who is Cody in the world of music?

Cody Lovaas is a 16 year-old musician, surfer from Carlsbad, California. He was named Best New Artist, the youngest to ever receive the honor from the San Diego Music Awards. AXS Entertainment and named Cody 2015’s Breakout Artist of the Year and in April 2015 Popdust named Cody “one to watch”. Cody has recently returned from his 1st US tour as the opener for two-time Grammy Winner Jason Mraz. His soulful lyrics and acoustic sounds have been making waves in California and beyond. Besides creating music, Lovaas is passionate about creating positive change in the world around him.

Cody was also recently named an ambassador of the Natural High Organization as well as the youngest SurfAid Ambassador alongside of Jack Johnson, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado. Cody is also the lead ambassador for the Guitars in the Classroom Organization and works directly to inspire kids who have limited access to organized music programs.

Cody is managed by The Bill Silva Entertainment Group.  To learn more about Cody visit: or for booking inquiries visit or email Patrick Pocklington at

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