Hi, Friends,

Due to a long and gnarly server crash at myheroproject.org, we have decided to move the deadline for your song submissions back to June 1st so you can get them uploaded properly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sometimes frustrating things have ultimately good outcomes. We hope this is one of those times. Maybe the ghost in the machine visited because some of you just needed a little more time to write your songs!

Peace and best wishes, happy songwriting,

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In partnership with MY HERO


Teachers, students and professional songwriters, you can all enter in your own categoies!

Songs will be judged by the public and by artists and educators!

They will be considered, not only for their popularity with voters online,

but according to qualities that make songs wonderful tools for classroom learning.

Each song should sing the praises of an Eco Hero- someone you admire who has done something wonderful for our planet. 

This can be someone as important as Pete Seeger or as personally special to you as a family member or good soul down the block.

To get some ideas, the folks at My Hero Project put this FABULOUS HERO PAGE together for you!

Qualities of a great song include:


Highlighting a HERO

 Does the song tell the story of a real eco hero? Does it foster planet-conscious ideas and action? 


Using language to creatively share a concept of idea celebrating environmental heroism. Do the words inspire others with their beauty, clarity, creativity and accuracy? 


Do you like the tune? Is it memorable? 


Can teachers, students and others successfully play and accompany the song with guitar or ukulele? 


Is the song musically accessible and engaging? Can children successfully learn and sing it well?)


Can students easily memorize the song and sing it by heart?


Does the song inspire a feeling of appreciation for the heroes accomplishments.


Best Solo Song by a Student

Best Solo Song by a Teacher

Best Song by a Whole Classroom or Group

Best Song by a Professional Lyricist/Songwriter


WINNERS will receive musical prizes and supplies for classrooms,

exciting specifics to be

announced soon…

Submissions deadline:

June 1, 2014


 There will be a culminating live and virtual performance of winning songs. 

All winning songs will also be shared with students around the world online

on MY HERO & Guitars in the Classroom.

 Please Join Us to Enter at My Hero!


About MY Hero

The MY HERO Project, founded in 1995, provides people of all ages with multimedia tools to share inspiring stories, art, films, and music to share with our global, online learning community. Guests to MY HERO are invited to register and create their own multimedia portfolio that can be enriched year after year. Web-authoring tools have been designed for use in classrooms, homes and libraries for visitors of all ages to create and publish web pages honoring heroes from all walks of life.


To submit your song please register for a Media Account with The MY HERO Project at http://myhero.com/START

Add your song to MY HERO AUDIO. Please add “Earth Day contest” to your submission. Include a few words about the inspiration for the music and your name, your school and all participants

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