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As you all know by now, Pete Seeger passed on last week at age 94.

Much has been said and will be said in the months and years to come about his legacy.   At Guitars in the PeteClassroom, an organization that was directly touched by Pete’s life and encouragement, we want to honor him by keeping his work fresh in the hearts and minds of students. This week, we offer 2 songs. You can also enjoy this interview conducted by Pete’s friend and our trainer in Burlington, Vermont, Rik Palieri.

The first is Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” which we share by permission- with a new twist. The students in Mrs. Bertram’s room at Sandburg Elementary in San Diego, California were visited last week by Dr. Joan Maute, GITC trainer and board member; Joan led a Songwriting for Success workshop with the children and they wrote new, local verses to our lifelong favorite. The second song is an addendum to Pete’s unforgettable “Turn, Turn, Turn” … His and Toshi’s five new verses to the song, perfect for children!


The blog post here won’t allow for clean chord placement over lyrics so what follows are the lyrics in poetic form, by stanza. The chords are provided in one line above the lyrics.

This State is Your State

To the tune of “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, used by permission with new lyrics © 2014 by the students in Mrs. Bertram’s Room with Joan Maute

Verse and chorus chord progression, 4 beats or strums per chord (measure)

C / F / C / G7 / C /F / C / G7 / C /


This state is your state,   this state is my state.

From San Diego, to our Golden Gateway

From the salty oceans, to the snowcapped Mountains

This state was made for you and meCHORUS   


As I was walking, through San Diegopete

I found a school, by the name of Sandburg

I saw happy children, running to their classrooms

This school was made for you and me  CHORUS   


And in the classrooms, I heard some music

There were awesome teachers, and lots of learning.

It made it fun to, learn the lessons

This school was made for you and me  CHORUS   


Turn Turn Turn

5 New Verses by Pete and Toshi Seeger, © 2013

CHORUS: D/ G/ C / G / D / D/ G/ C / G / D / D/ C / C / D / D7 / G / C / G /

VERSE: G/ D7 / G / D7 / G / D7 / G / C/ D7 / G / G


To everything, turn, turn, turntoshi4

There is a season, turn, turn, turn

And a time for every purpose under heaven


A time for work a time for play

A time for night a time for day

A time to sleep a time to wake

A time for candles on the cake


A time to dress a time to eat

A time to sit and rest your feet

A time to teach a time to learntoshi and pete

A time for all to take their turn


A time to cry and make a fuss

A time to leave and catch the bus

A time for quiet a time for talk

A time to run a time to work


A time to get a time to give

A time to remember a time to forgive

A time to hug a time to kiss

A time to close your eyes and wish


A time for dirt a time for soap

A time for tears a time for hope

A time for fall a time for spring

a time to hear the robins sing



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