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Download the GITC Common Core PowerPoint

GITC and the Common Core Content Standards

Guitars in the Classroom is excited to present teachers and interested others with this instructional step-by-step powerpoint for teaching Common Core Content Standards through collaborative student songwriting! The connection between the educational activities and tasks of writing a song for learning in the classroom- and successfully teaching academic lesson content and nurturing 21st Century Skills- is a very natural one. Any teacher or volunteer who can pick up an instrument and lead students in singing can also learn to facilitate these activities with stellar results.

In the PowerPoint (downloadable with the button above), you will find a practical guide for leading collaborate student singing and songwriting in any academic classroom. The ultimate goal is always to inspire, engage and educate students. To accomplish this, there is no medium more compelling for kids than making music.

Content standards have always focused teaching and learning on mastering knowledge and skills, but with the Common Core, these standards “…are organized in an intoxicatingly simple, linear fashion that acknowledges that the work of a first grade teacher contributes to the growth of a tenth grade student. This connectedness between grade levels is a welcome departure from some previous state standards that jumped from topic to topic, addressing a particular skill one year, dropping it the next, and returning to it later on or not at all.” You can read the whole article by Erin Powers,Education Consultant and Literacy Specialist HERE.

As you manually click through the GITC PowerPoint here, you may want to reference the Common Core Math Standards as an example of how the intellectual and interpersonal skills being developed through the new CCCS are similar to the processes students will engage in by writing songs collaboratively. There is just as much overlap with music and math as exists with music and language learning.

From Edutopia:   “The emphasis on process-based learning and using access points that are relevant to every child makes teaching and learning an equitable opportunity for everyone in the classroom. By using Arts [Music] Integration, teachers and leaders can ensure that students are learning in a way that meets their own unique cultural, social, emotional and intellectual needs.”  Susan Riley Arts Integration Specialist

This PowerPoint is GITC’s first attempt to bring our work together with Common Core learning, and all of us who worked on this – Stephanie Lewis, Joan Maute, Janet Godin and I (Jessica Baron) hope you will find it helpful. Feel free to email me at with your suggestions, questions, challenges and resources. Only by working together can we create something of immediate and enduring value.

We are completing a simplified version of the PowerPoint for use with presentations – one with fewer practical steps and more basic information. It will be available soon.

The one available for download at the top of this page offers you complete instructions for facilitating collaborative songwriting with students.





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