Hello, GITC Teachers!

If you have been participating in our programs, you may have learned to play on a guitar donated by our amazing sponsors at the Godin Guitar company.

For over a decade, the Godins have been sending beautiful guitars from their many acoustic lines into our classrooms. Seagulls, Amis, Art & Lutheries, Normans and La Patries have all been strummed for the sake of education.

Designer Robert Godin came out with a new line of instruments that are perfect for our classrooms. The Excursions are amazingly beautiful, friendly 038725_excursion_folkto play and sonorous. The folk and parlor models are a little smaller and easier to hold than some other guitars, especially if you are on the petite side. Please note that the La Patrie models have nylon strings and the Excursions have steel. You can learn more here:



As a couple, Robert and Janet Godin are so committed to GITC’s effort to bring more music into learning that they are- for the first time- making it possible for people participating in our programs to directly order an Excursion or La Patrie guitar at less than half ofgtretude the list price!

This is astounding. The guitars are already a spectacular value- made with integrity, with quality parts, and with Robert’s brilliant design. For us as educators to have access to these instruments at just above $200 per guitar is jaw-dropping.

This year, 2016, Godin wants to give teachers an even bigger boost in their playing. To help you along, they are happy to sell you any guitar or instrument they create at their “artist” accommodation price. If you visit their website online and see an instrument you’d like to buy, contact Pat Cristiano in their office. His email is pcristiano@godinguitars.com. Please let Pat know you teach with GITC and he’ll be glad to assist you.

All of us at GITC wish to extend huge thanks to Robert and to Janet, who also happens to be the new Secretary on GITC’s Board of Directors. Truly our efforts to make learning everything a musical experience would not have progressed as they have without the stalwart support from this couple and their remarkable company.

Below are two photos… the first shows Janet playing an Excursion fresh from the factory when she visited our teacher training in St. Catharines, Ontario last July. We had a fantastic time together making music with the teachers there! The second is shot of Robert in action, giving a dynamic public talk on the science and technology of guitar design and contruction. If you ever get a chance to hear Robert speak on the subject, let me encourage you to go. He shares information and ideas that are exciting no matter how much you already may know!

So please… enjoy this generosity from Godin Guitars, and if you get a guitar, I hope you will write to let us know!!

Janet and JessRobert Godin July 2013

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