Meet the Children’s Music Network!

In the 1980s, like-minded teachers, performers, songwriters, radio hosts, and parents who cared about the quality and content of children’s music established The Children’s Music Network (CMN) – a nonprofit association that now has members across the United States and Canada. The Children’s Music Network celebrates the positive power of music in the lives of children by sharing songs, exchanging ideas and creating community. Their membership includes full-time and part-time performers, songwriters, classroom teachers, music educators, librarians, storytellers, record producers, distributors, broadcasters, parents, grandparents, and children. Members sing, share, teach, write, play, perform, produce and enjoy children’s music. The organization membership is diverse in age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and culture. They welcome all musical styles!

What CMN Does

CMN members meet and stay in touch to share songs and ideas about children’s music and inspire each other about the empowering ways adults and young people can communicate through music. They are a positive catalyst for education and community-building through music and Guitars in the Classroom has long been grateful for our collaborative relationship. Several of our GITC trainers have come from the ranks of the CMN.

Join GITC on October 18-20th in Los Gatos for the Annual Gathering!

This year for the first time, GITC faculty trainer and mentor teacher Teri Ketchie will be representing Teri coaches in K smallGuitars in the Classroom at the annual gathering, sharing our developmental approach to learning to play guitar and lead music in the classroom. Teri will offer a GITC introductory workshop on Saturday at 1:45. and hers is one of bev bos 2013 KNMANY exciting workshops. You can read about all of them here. Attendees can hear the keynote address given by early childhood creativity icon, Bev Boss, too.

If you would like to register for the 3 day song extravaganza and meet many other music leaders and performers, here is the link for registration.

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