GITC Teachers in TrainingTeachers, GITC sponsor companies are committed to helping you and your schools afford to get guitars and ukes for your students’ use in your classrooms. Their generous instrument subsidies make it possible for schools to use a small portion of their discretionary funds, or PTO support to make sure your GITC classroom can give students the chance to strum, sing and learn!

These instruments are not intended for home use because we don’t want to take family business away from local music stores, we want to build it! The stores provide a valuable service to the community and they need new customers to survive in this competitive day and age.

So when you receive subsidized instruments for school, GITC strictly prohibits any resale of those instruments. OurCarlton Oaks Strummers! special assistance from manufacturers to you as GITC teachers is truly given only to you and not to anyone else. We respectfully request that you keep the supply chain information within our requested limits so we can keep bringing you these great opportunities in the future.

The idea is that your students can learn to play with you at school where you can protect the instruments. When students or families wish to purchase a ukulele or guitar for playing at home, please direct them to your local music store. We can reach out to those local music stores as well and ask them to provide discounts to GITC families! Just let us know who to call and we’ll do the rest.

If parents or colleagues not with GITC are looking for online instrument resources, we can highly recommend Luna Guitars in Florida, Strings and Beyond in Southport, North Carolina, Sweetwater Music in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Musician’s Friend.


Kala Brand Music Company, Saga Musical Instruments and Goldfish Guitars are able to make ukes available to you in any quantity for deeply discounted prices.

To order them, look at the prices and models below, choose what you want and send an email with details to LAUSD TK

Jess will then send an email giving “pre-approval verification” to the manufacturers.

Then you can write or call them directly according to the instructions below and they’ll sell directly to you or your school and provide product.

These discounts are NOT available at music stores so please don’t ask your local store to match these prices. They really cannot afford to do this.

KALA Music Company
KALA is offering these models plus shipping cost (about $2-$3 per instrument) and you can see the ukes at the links below. These are well-made instruments and they have good hardware. They stay in tune and sound pretty. Students notice the sound quality and play-ability and like them very much.


Ukulele Model                                                                Cost for One    Cost for One with Bag

Waterman Soprano Ukes                                                   $25.00 – $30.00               same
MK-Soprano (small- good for Tk-2nd grade)                 $34.99                              $47.97
MK-Concert (medium- good for 3rd grade and older)  $46.49                             $59.99
MK-Tenor  (long neck- good for teens and adults)         $52.49                             $65.99

Link to above models:


Ukulele Model                                                                Cost for One    Cost for One with Bag

KA-15S                                                                                    $37.99             $49.99
KA-S                                                                                         $49.99             $61.99
KA-C                                                                                        $74.99             $88.49
KA-T                                                                                        $84.99             $98.49

Link to above models:

When it’s time to order your KALA Brand ukuleles, you will do so by writing to Megan Paulson at KALA directly at with your uke request and state your GITC affiliation and ordering code. You will get this from Jess once you are pre-approved.

NOTE: Kala will sell a GITC any of their ukuleles at a 50% discount from list price so feel free to look around their whole site!


Our friends at Saga make wonderful Diamond Head Ukuleles in various sizes. They can help provide colorful soprano DU-100s at under $20 per instruments or fancier DU-200s in soprano or concert sizes for between $38 and $30 each. These wooden ukes have excellent tuning hardware and sound lovely. Visit Saga online to look around, and when you know what you want, please write MCM 150408 GITC OB Elementary 27to Jess to go through the pre-approval process. She will introduce you to the company via a private email.





Holt teachers 2015Goldfish Guitars is making adorable soprano ukes that look like Nemo the clownfish, Dorie or have pretty wood veneers. The owner of Goldfish has a true soft spot for kids and teachers. He will see either sized model or a combination of them to GITC teachers for $35 each including a gig bag. These ukes sound good. They are strung with excellent Aquila Corde strings, too.

You can see all of the Goldfish guitar and ukulele models here:

The Nemo “clownuku” and Dorey “tanguku” are here:

Many wonderful companies can help you, as a GITC teacher, get an excellent guitar at a big discount. Some companies can also help you get a set of guitars for your students to play.

Please read up about the special offers from our dear friends at Godin Guitars RIGHT HERE!


cf_martin_logoC.F. Martin & Sons, also known as MARTIN Guitar!

Martin Guitars has LONG supported GITC. We are very grateful.

If you would like to order any Martin guitar or ukulele for your own school use, you can get it directly from Martin through GITC for 50% off the list price.

We recommend you browse the Martin website and get familiar with the models.

When you are ready to make a purchase, please write to Jess. The same pre-approval process applies. And you will be able to get your instrument directly from Martin.

Strummers San Diego 2015

Luna logo

If you only need one uke or guitar, you can order directly online from Luna Guitars. When you go through their online check out process, they will automatically deduct 40% from the final sale price of any Luna product. We love their Safari guitars for use with students and as travel guitars! Check out the great designs. Our artist advocate, Vicki Genfan also has a gorgeous henna signature model named after her.


Don Oriolo, Jr. the song of Felix the Cat and Caspar the Friendly Ghost creator Don Oriolo Sr. also helps GITC with brightly painted, fun guitars and ukuleles.

Alisa tunes the Oriolos

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