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Thanks to our supporters at Luna Guitars, you can now order a Luna guitar, ukulele

or another stringed instrument directly from LUNA at 40% below regular cost …

this special was created just for you, our GITC Music Leaders!

The GITC Luna browsing and purchase link is here. It takes you right to your GITC LUNA store.

Simply enter the code “GITC” in the box after you enter your credit card to see your special price.

You won’t be charged until you submit your order.


And if you LOVE ukuleles, here is more good news!
Beautiful Kala Ukuleles Are Now Available for you at an immense discount…

(one per person please)
KALA Music Company
     KALA is offering these models below at the prices stated (plus shipping) and you can see the ukes at the links below.
Kala children

Uke                  Uke with Bag

MK-S               $34.99             $47.97

MK-C               $46.49             $59.99

MK-T               $52.49             $65.99

Link to above models:

KA-15S            $37.99             $49.99

KA-S                $49.99             $61.99

KA-C               $74.99             $88.49

KA-T                $84.99             $98.49
Link to above models:

Order your ukulele by writing to KALA directly at with your uke request and state your GITC affiliation.

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