Something remarkable is going on in Traverse City, Michigan.

Students at Career Tech High School who have identified themselves as future classroom teachers have been training with Guitars in the Classroom to lead music for learning.

This is the only program of its kind in our organization so far. It was started by faculty member Amy Martin and is being carried on by faculty member Chris Kuchuris who is featured in the video with the students.

For the past two years, teens on the education track have been learning to make and lead songs for learning with younger students so they will be ready to go into the schools as young music integration leaders. We are excitedly looking forward to starting another section of this class next month and hope other forward thinking high schools will learn about this pilot project and consider adopting it for their teens, too.

Thank you so much, Susan O’Connor, for making this video to share with our staff and community.  It is clear that education is going to be in the hands of some very special young teachers!

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