This post comes from GITC past faculty member Ron Pulcer in Rutland, Vermont today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his birthday

As we celebrate this year’s Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, I would like to share the lyrics I wrote as a children’s song, an adaptation to the melody of “We Shall Overcome“.

In 1999-2000, a musician friend of mine, Linda MacFarlane, and I had a weekly children’s music gig at the Teacher’s Closet store in downtown Rutland, VT (has since closed, now is Cafe Tera).  For the 2000 MLK Holiday, I came up with some alternative lyrics to “We Shall Overcome”, that we played and sang with the children for that week’s gathering.  Later, Linda and I also used this song when we taught “Guitars In The Classroom” courses, in in 2002-2005, at the Rutland Rec. Dept.

The lyrics are below for you to read, or sing along with.  After that, the guitar chords to verse 1 are listed, in case you want to strum along (or have a friend play guitar for you).

Martin Had A Dream

To the tune of “We Shall Overcome
Song for children, new lyrics by Ron Pulcer (2000)
For Martin Luther King Day (January 15th)

Martin had a dream.
Martin had a dream.
Martin Luther King had a dream…
Oh, deep in his heart,
He did believe,
We could live in peace someday.

Respect your brother,
Sister, father, mother,
Classmates, teachers, everyone, another…
Oh, when you’re at home,
When you’re at school,
Don’t forget the Golden Rule.

We’re one human family.
We’re one human family,
Black and white, all colors that we see…
Oh, it’s up to me,
It’s up to you,
To make Martin’s Dream come true.

Guitar Chords: Key of C

 C            F         C
Martin had a dream.

 C            F          C
Martin had a dream.

 C            G            Am     D7      G      G7
Martin Luther King  had a dream…

          C        F        C
Oh, deep in his heart,

  F                  Am
He did be-lieve,

 C                 F           C           G7       C
We could live in peace someday.

Wishing you a enjoyable and meaningful Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, January 21st, 2013 (also the second inauguration day of President Barack Obama)!


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