Every day in this work is beyond special. Miracles of all shapes and sizes are blossoming in people’s lives in relation to making music….and all they need is a little training, some tools, well-deserved appreciation plus a place to practice and share music. But this week has been extra special because GITC heard from two moms- both very musical people- who have asked to share this work where they live. Vicki lives in Denmark and Dylan lives in Australia. Both women are sharing music with children and each has expressed the desire to make music and guitar more accessible to the children in their communities.  They are stepping out of their everyday doings to make something good happen, taking critical first steps to create new places where GITC can bring music making into learning in young lives.

Vicki shared some startling articles about the fate of music education in the schools in Denmark, so I pass them along to you here. Just click on each picture to link to its article.






It seems that even there- where schools have been seen as models for excellence in education- music programs are fighting to keep their ground.

Singing to learn with GITC can never replace the richness, breadth and depth of true music education. But through music integration, our programs can hold the door open for educators, administrators and parents to embrace music, to provide very fundamental daily musical learning as a part of lessons in other subject areas, and we can encourage everyone to gather resources and creative strategies for reviving standards-rich music education for every child. In the great revision of modern society, I cannot imagine one in which learning to make and appreciate music gets lost. We have to keep this art alive for the children.

Would you like to share a story about music making in your community? I hope you will join the discussion by submitting your post, below.

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