Dear Friends,

Sometimes charity looks like a volunteer offering to write thank you letters. Other times it comes in the form of a timely donation that fuels a program. Each time it is precious and each of you who help GITC are making an extraordinary difference for children. This particular time, it looked like this- love, compassion, generosity and community action.

These five individuals lives are now connected through the love of a Martin guitar and a desire to bring music making to classroom learning for children. Read about Peter, Joan, Lynn, Dionne, and Jim here.

Click HERE to read the story in the Island Packet!

Thanks to the folks in this picture, and in particular GITC teacher trainer Joan Maute (in blue), Hilton Head Island, South Carolina has become a place where every school, library and after school club has teachers who can sit down with you, share a song, and show you a little guitar. Please read about this phenomenal act of kindness and creativity that transpired there this summer when Lynn Castner (center) after receiving a cancer diagnosis decided, after many decades, to donate his guitar so children might have music. His life will transform classroom learning for nearly 600 children this school year, and just as many more in every year to come. GITC sends gratitude, love and respect to all of you.

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