Friends, between June 4 and 7, GITC was really fortunate to participate in a conference of movers, shakers, thought leaders, and hard workers in the world of business who united to share best practices and visions for a more sustainable life on this planet. At the Paradise Point Resort in sunny San Diego, Sustainable Brands brought everyone together to share what their companies are doing to shift company practices and products legitimately and passionately into the green zone. It was just plain inspiring. Leaders from companies such as Seventh Generation, Happy Family, Green Mountain Coffee, and Strauss Family Creamery sat shoulder to shoulder with leaders in sustainability and marketing for BASF, Chipotle, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Hewlett Packard.

GITC kids play guitar at SB12GITC came to attend the conference with our friends and helpers at the environmental organization 1 % for the Planet, and because of this, we were included in every aspect of the conference… keynotes, presentations, workshops, networking, tabling with other non-profits such as Planet Reuse and the World Wildlife Fund, and best of all the 1 % for the Planet SB ’12 Cafe with artist Chris Velan!

On Wednesday night, teachers, students and parents from our San Diego program gathered to open the show for Chris with Jon Cruz’s undeniably positive song “Island Style.” revised with verses about living in balance. You can hear the kids and teachers spreading their love for the planet right here:

It was so fun tabling for 1 % for the Planet and GITC together out on the Causeway. I met great folks who are innovating businesses that fund life sustaining projects in every way- from growing crops that replenish the soil to companies that let their cows graze free, eat green grass and live well. I met a man who is helping his big company procure greener supplies from their vendors, another who shifted his 11,000 employee company into creating a carbon neutral footprint by cleaning up their internal processes, and still other whose companies give 1 % of their net proceeds to eco non-profits every year. Without exception, these folks are filled with inspiration. Lots of people picked up our Green Songbook and loved it!

I want to send huge thanks to Terry, Gaelan and Brodie for their awesome friendship and advocacy for our mission and work, and for inspiring so many business leaders to get involved with restoring and protecting our natural environment! The conference was a special chance to learn more about 1 % and how GITC can do more to bring teachers and children into the clear stream of ideas for making our planet and our lives healthier.

Friends, if you want to know what companies are truly involved in giving all our kids a planet to call home in the future, please check out Sustainable Brands and see who showed up. You might be surprised. I certainly was. And thanks for reading this little account of what in fact defies adequate description. You gotta know that what you buy at the store matters when the companies that make those products are truly walking their talk… and helping other companies learn to do the same.

Peace and thanks for reading,


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